It’s more than edible plants!

Cassie spends her days foraging native edible and medicinal plants. Her knowledge is significant for teaching the ways of her people and to keep traditional ways alive.

Cassie forages seasonal foods and processes them for presentations that she facilitates all over Victoria and interstate. She has presented at the National Gallery of Victoria, Koorie Heritage Trust, Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VAACA), Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and Gardening Australia ABC. Cassie can also facilitates cultural bush walks and talks in all areas in Victoria.

Cassie specialises in:

  • Traditional and medicinal uses of native plants.
  • Healing properties of native plants.
  • Identification of edible native plants.
  • Traditional cooking techniques using a variety of meats and insects.



Busktukka and Cooking Presentations

Cassie makes her own range of bush spices and teaches others how to cook with them. You will learn to identify native plants, learn traditional and medicinal uses in native indigenous plants and cook some tasty treats using bush spices.

Time: 3 hours including cooking time



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