Commissions and Collaborations



Cassie’s work has been acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria, Koorie Heritage Trust Collection, Melbourne Magistrates Court of Victoria and is exhibited nationally and internationally. Cassie has had numerous solo and collaborative exhibitions, which has also seen success overseas. Every artwork is unique, authentic and has it’s own story and Connection to Country.

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WBA Ochre Painting


Jewellery and adornments

Cassie has been making traditional and modern cultural adornments and jewellery for many years. She uses a variety of materials, including natural grasses, reeds, bone, pipe-clay, feathers, sterling silver, wire, synthetic cord and even recycled materials. Cassies pieces have adorned models on the national and international runways where she has collaborated with other fashion designers, as well as for her own fashion line, Yanggurdi. Not only have her adornments been worn for traditional dance and other ceremonies, but her pieces are being worn by TV personalities, such as Narelda Jacobs from Network 10 and NITV.

Cassie’s peices are available for sale at the Koorie Heritage Trust and by private commission.

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Yanggurdi Fashion Adornments


Collaborations with other artists

Cassie is an accomplished artist in her own right, but sometimes she works with others to bring different skills and ideas into her already unique style. These collaborations include other artists, jewellery designers, fashion designers and photographers.

In her latest collaboration, Cassie is working with photographer Kelly Coleman to create a range of nature and landscape prints, as well as printable artworks for her Yanggurdi fashion label.

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WBA-KCP End of daisies