Cassie facilitates a large range of cultural workshops for all ages – from early childhood to schools and adults. The following list provide an example of the workshops Cassie can facilitate.

  • Bush tukka (see below for details)
  • Traditional weaving (see below for details)
  • Bush toy weaving
  • Possum skin drum making
  • Traditional artifact making
  • Cultural education (see below for details)
  • Bush craft
  • Adornment making
  • Murals

  • Lino printing
  • Calico artworks in symbols
  • Traditional bark paintings
  • Survival camps
  • Bush walk and talk
  • Natural Jewellery making
  • Clay earth oven bowl
  • Ochre painting
  • Wood burning


Cultural incursions can be held for early learning centres, primary schools and high schools. Cassie’s school workshops are a great opportunity for students to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures as part of the Australian Curriculum’s cross-curriculum priorities.

Cassie’s availability depends on the distance to be travelled and available time, so if you want to book a workshop make sure you book well in advance.

Cultural Camps

Cassie has been conducting cultural camps in East Gippsland (Camp Coolamatong) for many years. She takes students on hikes, teaches them survival skills, instructs them on how to make shelters and runs art classes. Cultural camps can be modified to suit your needs and student learning requirements.


I love teaching kids and showing them what I do and maybe change their perspective on Aboriginal culture.


For more information on the workshops or to enquire about workshop prices, please contact Wild Blak Arts as bookings are essential.

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Cultural Presentations

In this workshop you will learn about the traditional culture of Indigenous peoples, their lifestyles and artefacts. Hands on experience with activities for all ages. Cassie recommends large groups, such as school groups, are split up and then rotated through multiple sessions to provide everyone with the opportunity to have a unique experience for optimal learning.

Time: 2 hours per session

Weaving Workshops

Cassie is a master weaver with the Victorian Aboriginal Weaving Collective. She uses native grasses in her traditional coil weaving workshops where you will create a unique basket. She can also teach how to weave an armband with pandanas and flax leaves.

Time: 3-4 hours

Ensay Weaving Workshop
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Bushtukka Presentations

Cassie makes her own range of bush spices and teaches others how to cook with them. You will learn to identify native plants, learn traditional and medicinal uses in native indigenous plants and cook some tasty treats using bush spices.

Time: 3 hours including cooking time